Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have WomanLog Pro. I purchased a new phone, and I'm currently unable to get the Pro version for free on my new device.
Answer: If you transition to the same platform phone (e.g., Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone), you won't need to repurchase the Pro version. Please use the same user ID (your account for the App Market), and you should be able to download the Pro version for free. However, if you transition to a different platform phone (e.g., Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android), you will need to purchase the Pro version again. It's important to note that Apple App Store and Google Play are distinct marketplaces.

Question: What do the lightest-colored petals in the fertility forecast signify?
Answer: WomanLog predicts ovulation days based on data from the previous cycle. Additional forecasted fertility days, denoted by the lightest-colored petals, may emerge if the length of the previous cycle was different. These extra days (the lightest-colored petals) are factored into the forecast for the upcoming cycle, considering any variations in cycle length observed over the past 12 months.

Question: Can I modify the email address that is linked to my WomanLog account?
Answer: The WomanLog account does not offer the 'Change email address' option. Instead, please create a new WomanLog account using a new email address.

Question: I have lost access to the email address associated with my WomanLog account. How can I recover my password for my WomanLog account?
Answer: Unfortunately, it's not possible to recover the password if you've lost access to your email address.

Question: In the standard mode of the WomanLog app, it's not possible to update the cycle length. Even if I set it to 28 days, it remains fixed at 25 days. What steps should I take to edit the cycle length?
Answer: In the Settings -> Cycle & Period Length -> Period Forecast section, you'll find two options for predicting your period: Standard and Advanced (default). When you select the Advanced option, WomanLog forecasts your period based on the data from your previous cycles, taking into account the fluctuations in your cycle's length over the past 12 months. If you prefer not to use this feature, please switch to the Standard option.

Question: Hello, I would like to cancel my WomanLog subscription. Could you please guide me on the process to do so?
Answer: We sincerely apologize, but we do not have control over refunds through your App Store or Google Play. Please utilize the options provided by App Store or Google Play on how to cancel completed payments. We can only provide instructions on how to cancel future payments for the Intelligent Assistant: 1) Open WomanLog and go to the Home section. 2) Tap the gear icon located near the Intelligent Assistant ON/OFF switch. 3) Navigate to the 3/3 form and select 'Manage My Subscriptions. 4) Choose WomanLog and then tap 'Cancel'.

Question: I recently purchased a new phone and I'm having trouble logging into my WomanLog account. It appears that the email I originally used for my WomanLog account no longer exists, which is preventing me from using it for a password reset. Is there an alternative method for resetting my password?
Answer: We kindly request that you attempt to regain access to your previous email. We regret to inform you that we are unable to verify if you are the same person, as our data protection policy prohibits us from accessing and transferring user data.

Question: How can I transfer WomanLog data from the free version to the paid version?
Answer: You can transfer your data by using the same WomanLog account that you have in the free version. Please choose 'Restore data' when you install the Pro version.

Question: How can I export my data from the WomanLog app into a file?
Answer: The Pro version offers a "PDF file" option (found under 'Summary') that allows you to generate a PDF file containing your data, which can then be sent to an email.

Question: I've installed the WomanLog Pro version on my Android phone, but why isn't the widget appearing?
Answer: The widget doesn't appear automatically. To add the widget, please follow these steps: Click the main menu button (when no applications are active), select 'Add,' then choose 'Widget.' From the list, find and select 'WomanLog Small' or 'WomanLog Large.'

Question: My cellphone was stolen a week ago, and I lost all my WomanLog data. Is it possible for you to send me my WomanLog data? I would like to restore the information. Could you please advise me on how to obtain it?
Answer: In compliance with our security and data protection policy, we do not have access to our users' data. To restore your data, please install WomanLog on a new device and use your WomanLog account to restore your WomanLog data.

Question: Can I synchronize my WomanLog app data across multiple devices, such as my iPhone and iPad?
Answer: Yes, you can synchronize your data across multiple devices using Online Backup and data synchronization. To enable this feature, go to WomanLog's Settings -> WomanLog Account and use the same WomanLog account on multiple devices.

Question: Is it possible to share my cycle data in the WomanLog app with my partner?
Answer: Yes, you can do that. Please use the 'Switch Calendars' button at the top of the Calendar form, enable the 'Sharing Data' option, and invite your partner.

Question: How can I access my WomanLog data on my computer?
Answer: Yes, you can view your WomanLog data in "read-only" mode on your computer by visiting our website at

Question: I've forgotten my passcode for the WomanLog app. How can I reset it?
Answer: You can reset your passcode only if you have a valid WomanLog account. Please use the 'Forgot passcode' option and provide the email address associated with your WomanLog account. Please note that, in accordance with our security and data protection policy, WomanLog developers cannot assist in restoring your passcode.

Question: I've forgotten my passcode for the WomanLog app. I haven't provided an email address for passcode recovery, and I don't have a WomanLog account. Is there a way to access my calendar data?
Answer: Unfortunately, in this scenario, you cannot regain access to your data, and you will lose all of your information. The only option in this case is to uninstall the WomanLog app and start anew.

Question: I have previously used the WomanLog app, and I am requesting that you erase all of my data within the WomanLog app.
Answer: Here, you can read an independent blog about privacy in period-tracking apps: To delete your WomanLog account and your data, please follow these steps: 1) Open the WomanLog app and sign in to your WomanLog account (located in Settings -> WomanLog Account). 2) Within the WomanLog account section (after signing in), click on the 'three dots menu' in the upper right corner, and select 'Delete Account.' 3) You can also find all the necessary information in our Privacy Policy (

Question: Can I have multiple calendars in the WomanLog app, or is it possible to add a second calendar?
Answer: Yes, you can manage multiple calendars in the 'Settings -> Calendars' section.

Question: Does WomanLog share data?
Answer: WomanLog will not sell or redistribute your information to any third party.

Question: How to transfer WomanLog data from iOS to Android?
Answer: To move your data, you can use your existing WomanLog account from your old device. When you set up WomanLog on a new device, please opt for 'Restore data.

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